Guys vs Girls: All you need to know

What, When, Who and How:

2013 CrossFit Invitational in Berlin

This Saturday see’s our first Guys vs Girls Competition. Everything you need to know with regards to competing, spectating, timing, or training is explained below.

Times: The first workout will begin at 10.20am. We anticipate the actual workouts to last around 2.5 hours and be wrapped up around 1pm. We will then, weather permitting, have a BBQ and social.

Competing: The first workout will begin at 10.20am. The gym will be open from 9am with a class running from 9am until 10am. You are free to come and start getting warm anytime from 9am so long as you don’t hinder the class. (We dont anticipate the class being very busy as the vast majority of people are competing.)

There are currently 18 people on each team but we anticipate some last minute changes. The workouts are structured so not everyone will do every workout. There are currently 9 workouts which will involve anywhere between 4-18 people from each Team. Once you participate in a workout you cannot complete another workout until every member of your team has completed at least one. This means everyone will get a good share of the action and will make each team think carefully about athlete selection.

Spectating: CrossFit is a fantastic spectator sport and we welcome and encourage anyone and everyone to come and watch. Its free and you will get to watch your friends and family push themselves to their physical limits. Whats not to like! Spectators are welcome to arrive anytime from 10am. We will have limited seating available and will be serving hot and cold drinks.

BBQ: BYOM (Bring your own meat) If the weather is half decent we will be getting our eat on after the WODs with a BBQ. Anyone is welcome to come along. We will be supplying a few meaty items but would ask anyone interested in getting involved to bring some meat/salad/coleslaw/whatever you want with you. You can never have to much meat!

Normal Training: If you are not competing and want to train we will be running a normal 9am class. Get booked in on TeamUp as usual. If you do want to compete then let us know and we will add you to the list. If you can compete you should, its awesome!

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