Why we love CrossFit

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you will most likely know a little bit about us. Hopefully our blog gets across how much we love our box, our community and pretty much everything CrossFit. What we might not have explained yet is why. Why do we love CrossFit? What it is about the Sport of Fitness that has drawn us so deeply into the CrossFit world that our business, our social circle and our day to day lives revolve around it?

Here we go:

Fitness – the most obvious reason to get involved in and stay involved in the CrossFit world is fitness. Having trained for many years before finding CrossFit we both considered ourselves fitness enthusiasts. Jess would spend hours each week pounding the treadmill, elliptical machine, stationary bike and some core work. Tim would hit the weights (obviously we mean bench press and curls) before a cursory 10 minutes of cardio and a few sit ups. When we eventually found CrossFit – boom! We actually got fit. Our strength, our endurance, our flexibility and our work ethic all sky rocketed. It was epic. We have now been doing CrossFit for nearly 10 years and we are still both getting fitter, faster and stronger month on month. We see no reason to stop!

Community – before CrossFit we both used to hit the gym about 5 days a week. As soon as we walked through the door we would both put our headphones in and crack on with our workout. 90 minutes of zero human interaction (maybe the odd request for a spot – on bench press obviously). We went to the same gym for nearly 3 years and we’re pretty sure we didn’t know anyone’s names and the instructors sure as hell didn’t know ours.

With CrossFit this just doesn’t happen. We know everyone at our gym. We consider them friends, training partners and peers. We know them all pretty well – their goals, aspirations and limitations. We train together, learn from one another and hang out socially too!

Friendships – building on that community vibe we have both made lots of close friends through CrossFit. Meeting members, other box owners, other competitors or just someone else who loves CrossFit is one of the best things about the wider community. You instantly have a pretty big interest in common and tend to have similar mindsets, life goals and lifestyles. From hundreds of friends to dozens of incredibly close friends, CrossFit has broadened our social circle dramatically.

Enjoyment – nothing more to say really. CrossFit is pretty much the longest activity we have been involved in and in large that comes down to the fact that we enjoy it! The fitness and health benefits, the community and social aspects and the friends it encompasses. There really are few things we enjoy as much as training with the members at Saxon CrossFit!

This is obviously broad but it sums up nicely why we love CrossFit, why we work in CrossFit and why we don’t see ourselves doing anything other than CrossFit anytime soon!