Fifty seven, that’s how many days are left of 2017.

How are those New Years resolutions coming along? I’m personally smashing mine: Travel more – I have been nowhere, play a new sport – have I fuck, snatch 120kg – not entirely my fault due to injury but still something I haven’t done.

Now I guarantee the vast majority of us are in the same boat – we have ultimately made little to no progress toward achieving our New Years Resolutions. Now this isn’t an attempt to guilt or shame anyone – New Years resolutions don’t really work and I am as guilty of anyone as putting too much reliance in the calendar ticking over to make me more committed to a goal.

The truth is the best time to start a goal we have is right now. As soon as you decide you want to achieve something, start working towards it. I guarantee you are massively increasing your chances of succeeding!

Now what has this got to do with CrossFit or fitness?

As guilty as we all are of putting off goals until New Years we are also guilty of completely abusing the time between deciding our goal and starting it. How many of you have already written off your fitness goals for the next 57 days? How many of you want to be fitter, stronger, leaner or lighter but have already decided that that isn’t going to happen in 2017?

If you decided now that you wanted to be fitter and healthier you could:

Workout twenty four times between now and New Years Eve by training 3 times a week.

Make all 168 meals between now and the New Year slightly healthier.

Get another 9.5 hours of sleep by going to bed just 10 minutes earlier every day.

My point? Don’t write off your goals, especially those that are fitness related, until next year.

But this time of year is so busy right? You’ve got the works do, family to see, presents to buy, tree’s to put up, weddings to attend, competitions to hit and all manner of other social events that just don’t happen any other time of year.


We are always too busy to start our goals. No fucker starts January with a completely empty diary so don’t wait. Identify your fitness goal, get to the box and smash it.