‘Three, two, one…Go!’ Cue a flurry of intense physical activity, some sweat, some noise, maybe a couple of tears. The music is loud, the atmosphere is electric.

‘Last ten seconds!’ The pace increases!

‘Three, two, one…Time!’ It’s over, you survived. Time to record scores. But you didn’t count, or you lost count, or you forgot or for whatever reason you just don’t know what your score was. Does it really matter anyway? The workout is over, what difference does writing the score down make?

Lots! We record out scores for multiple reasons.

Progress – it lets us know, as coaches, if your improving. We know each member pretty well and we know the workouts very well. We know what people should roughly be hitting and by recording scores we can see who is improving and what direction our programming needs to take to keep those gains on track!

Accountability – knowing you will have to shout your score across the room will hopefully encourage you to put in the best performance possible. This is where the intensity, the backbone of CrossFit, is forged. Working hard to post the best score possible will lead to intensity. Intensity will give you results!

Competition – back to that intensity. Everyone is innately competitive – fact! Working hard to beat your class mate, your friend or more importantly your previous self will all provide that intensity. As mentioned before intensity leads to results!

So, remember to count. Not counting means you are missing the point of what we do. It’s part of our process, part of our way and part of CrossFit.