‘Once you stop learning, you start dying’ – Albert Einstein

Our coaching team have a constant thirst for knowledge for all things CrossFit, fitness, health, well-being and self-improvement. One of the lead ways we like to take on new information and cover a variety of topics outside of our comfort zones is through podcasts. As humans we have a lot of time where our hands and eyes are otherwise engaged by our ears are free and willing – think travelling, walking, cooking or even exercising. Podcasts are easily accessible (who doesn’t have a smart phone these days), are informative and more often than not very entertaining. Below is a list of our current favourites and we highly recommend you check them out – you can never learn to much or listen to often.

Innerfight: The Health and Fitness Podcast

Hosted by Marcus Smith from Innerfight in Dubai these podcasts cover everything fitness related. Although largely CrossFit specific the guests are from a huge variety of sporting and working backgrounds and provide great insight into several fields of business, exercise, sport and well being.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Coach Tim’s latest favourite is this podcast hosted by Aubrey Marcus, the founder and CEO of ONNIT, a lifestyle brand aiming for Total Human Optimisation. The podcasts focus on in depth conversations with the most interesting people in the fields of athletics, business, science, relationships and spirituality.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Covering everything from exercise, nutrition, sport and medicine this podcast is hosted by Kion founder Ben Greenfield, a highly successful and highly qualified fitness professional from the States. With content from leaders in the personal training, medicine and exercise fields it’s a great source for the most up to date thinking behind human health.

Barbell Shrugged: Shrugged Collective

The Shrugged Collective is a collection of highly varied and highly entertaining shows focusing on human health and performance both in and outside of the gym. One of the original ‘CrossFit’ podcasts they have dominated the field for a long time in putting on consistent quality content.

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willink is a highly decorated and experienced US special forces operative who now leads the field in leadership coaching and instruction. Longer than most his podcasts cover a huge range of topics but generally focus on the qualities and mental requirements of leadership, positive attitude and well-being.

 The Tim Ferris Show

Each episode looks at a world-class performer from a variety of areas including but not limited to investment, sport, business or music. The show aims to highlight the tactics, tools, and routines the guests use to optimise their lives.  This includes favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much much more.