We all know Coach Tim loves a good chat, he’s a social butterfly after all. Whether its before or after class, during the warm up or between sets Tim will talk about pretty much anything, not many topics are off the cards! But what about things you’ll never him say? Let us know if you think we’ve missed any out:

‘I think we’ve done enough squats this week guys, lets give the old legs a rest shall we?’

‘Oh looks a bit wet outside guys, cancel that run and lets just have some tea and biscuits instead.’

‘You’re right that programming is pretty heavy, lets take it down a notch or two, what was I thinking!’

‘I admit it, I was wrong, I guess I owe you all some burpees’

‘My handwriting is indeed shit and illegible, it’s not a problem with your eyes at all’

‘Your legs are sore, why didn’t you say, come here and let me give you some sympathy’

‘I consider myself the nice friendly coach and Jess more of the hard arse’

‘Fuck it lets just do some curls hey guys, that’s what real fitness is’

‘I don’t think Dean wears enough vests, why stop at the gym, go to work in them too I say’

‘Cold are we? Here, borrow my hoodie, I hate the thought of a member being stood there cold’

‘Late were we, never mind hey, we all make mistakes, don’t worry about it just jump on in. Burpees? I’m not cruel!’

‘I love everyone of Gods creatures’

‘Getting up for the 6am is my favourite, I think sleep is pretty overrated to be fair’

‘I think that topic is a bit inappropriate to discuss here, lets leave it alone hey?’

‘And then I said, even I wouldn’t eat that!’

‘My god, I never would of said you were that old, you look great!’

‘You’ve had a rough day, no worries, just go easy today’