As a coach, I regularly get asked about supplementation: what do I take, what do I recommend, what should people steer clear of etc. The supplement industry is a minefield for most people with overly complicated sales pitches and unrealistic marketing promises.

The truth is most people don’t need to even think about supplementation until their nutrition is on point. A quality nutrition plan followed consistently will provide you with all the energy, vitamins, minerals and yes even protein to be a successful CrossFitter.

Supplementation comes into play once the real food is sorted. Which supplements you take will depend on your needs and goals but most people can’t go wrong with:

Whey Protein: everyone loves a protein shake! Whey protein is designed to be digested quickly post WOD to aid muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Taken after your training it has been shown to reduce the amount of stress hormones released by the body and to aid in the repair of muscle tissue. There are literally 1000’s of brands of protein powder available but they are not all created equal. We recommend Icon Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Evolution at Saxon CrossFit due to its use of pure whey protein isolate with a high bio-availability rating – this means it’s easy for your digestive system to utilise.

Creatine: one of the most researched supplements available creatine is stored in the muscles and used as a rapid source of energy for high intensity muscle contractions. It has been shown to increase both muscle strength and size in athletes who take it regularly. We recommend Blonyx HMB+ Creatine – not only is this a clean, high quality creatine but the addition of HMB helps to build, maintain and repair muscle tissue – all good things!

Beta-Alanine: essentially a lactic acid buffer beta-alanine is shown to slow the onset of muscle fatigue during high repetition workouts or sprints. That joyous burning sensation you get in your legs whilst rowing followed by the eventual loss of any power output? Bet alanine could help with that. We recommend Blonyx Beta Alanine for pretty much the same reason we recommend their creatine – its clean and high quality.

And that’s it. Not mountains of pills and potions, just 3 simple supplements that we feel give you the most benefit for your buck.

Pre-workout, post-bedtime, mid-sleep, must be taken during a wet-shave supplements are everywhere these days. Somewhere on Instagram a jacked fella will be crediting his success to a new super supplement guaranteed to turn you into Wolverine but the truth is – it won’t. Supplements are there to support a solid training regime, a decent diet and a healthy lifestyle – not work miracles.

(This isn’t a shameless promotion of any brand but an honest recommendation from us. All of the mentioned supplements can be purchased from other brands for cheaper – but as with all things in life you often get what you pay for.)