Summer has well and truly done one. It’s cold, it’s wet, there’s a bit of frost knocking about, it’s pitch black by 5pm and the need and desire to be beach body ready is again months away.

Hands up if you’ve lost a little bit of your training mojo? Hands up if, like the sun, your drive to get to the gym has vanished? Hands up if you’re already telling yourself the ridiculous statement, ‘I’ll get back to it in the New Year’.

This time of year we know some peoples motivation starts to dry up. Training in the summer is fun: its warm, its bright, everyone is happy, it’ll still be light when you get home after the gym and the desire to look good in less clothing is rampant. Then when the winter strikes it’s not so fun.

We know, we feel it too, everything is better in the sun (apart from sledging obviously). As athletes ourselves we prefer to train in the summer and come the winter we find ourselves coming up with all the excuses we can to avoid getting our sweat on. But fuck that. We, and you, didn’t train for the last 10 months to give up now. We didn’t set a goal to be fit for summer and nothing else. With a degree of variance most of our goals will focus on wanting to be fitter, faster, slimmer, stronger or more able – all year round! Just because the weather has changed I highly doubt your goals have.

So how do we get our groove back? We have a word with ourselves, we acknowledge our bullshit excuses and we get booked into some classes. We remember why we started, what our goal is and we make it a priority.

The number one key to be a fitter and more confident you is consistency, don’t let the weather, or anything else for that matter, fuck up your consistency! We’re all human, we all have days where we don’t want to train and we’d rather be anywhere but the gym. Just do your best to make sure those days are infrequent.

If you are struggling to get motivated this winter speak to one of our coaches and we will do everything we can to help you find your rhythm and get back on track to achieve your goals!