So hopefully you’ve seen our social media, heard us chatting about or are just generally aware of our upcoming challenge, the Saxon Million. Our intention is to complete 1 million burpees in a 30 day period, between Monday 25th November and Tuesday 24th December all with the aim of raising some serious money for local cancer charity, the Big C.

Why Big C? When I was a child my only memories of my nan are of her fighting cancer: her having chemo, her being in a wheelchair, her being in hospital and her eventually losing that fight. I remember at the time telling people my nan had cancer and those people being shocked and sympathetic. Cancer, it seemed to me as a child, was a rare and uncommon thing. Fast forward to today and I struggle to find a friend whose life hasn’t been affected in some way by cancer. It is now, unfortunately, a common thing. The Big C is a charity that is doing everything it can to beat cancer and once again, make it uncommon. There is little I can do personally to fight cancer but I can help this amazing charity fund its work.

We are also incredibly lucky at Saxon to have Sharon Johnson as a member of our community. Sharon is not only an epic member of Saxon, a hard working and talented athlete and a member of the board of trustees at Big C, she is also, herself, a cancer survivor. Sharon is testament to what the right treatment, the right attitude and the right people can do against cancer.

Why burpees? Everyone loves burpees right? Don’t worry I know that’s not true, most people despise them. We picked burpees for several reasons. Firstly every year at Saxon we do an hour of burpees on Christmas Eve because, well, because we always have I guess, its tradition. It therefore made sense to extend the hour into our challenge.

Secondly because they are achievable. By that I mean anyone can do them anywhere. You can do burpees at home, in the garden, in the street, at work, in any gym, in any room or in any space. You would be hard pushed to find somewhere you couldn’t do a burpee.

Thirdly they are symbolic. A burpee is, in its briefest description, getting back up after hitting the ground. The concept of picking ourselves up over and over again no matter how many times we fall down is what life is all about. You can always get back up.

Why a million? Simple, it sounds good. I think we have an attachment to that number as a society as a pretty lofty figure (because it is) and the idea of completing 1 million burpees sounds pretty epic!

So that’s our challenge. Can you help? Yes. We need everyone to help us do burpees. Come into Saxon and get some done, send us a video of you cracking them out at home, tag us on social media with videos of you and your mates / colleagues doing some reps. Every burpee counts and we’ve got lots to do!

You can also help us by donating. Whilst burpees are fun and all they aren’t going to help the Big C do anything if we don’t raise some money in the process. Follow the link below, donate anything you can and sit back knowing you’ve done something wonderful for your community.

It’s not long to go now, wish us luck.