Merry Christmas, Peace and Goodwill to all.

We often hear the words ‘Peace and Goodwill’ used at this festive time of year. The words are found on Christmas cards, in beautiful carols and spoken between people. But what do these, often used, words mean to you, in your situation and particularly this year?

This has been a tumultuous year for many of us. Some of us have lost a much loved member of the family or are still grieving for a loved one, so many people have fled their homes, frightened for their lives and for the lives of their families. Many people have lost jobs or are finding their bills impossible to pay.

Where do the words ‘Peace and Goodwill’ reconcile with the struggles of so many?
The word ‘Peace’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Pax’ which means a pact, a control or an agreement to end war or conflict between people. It can also mean a state of quiet or tranquility. A time of quiet without interruption, being calm and not worried.

There are also two different types of peace- inner peace and external peace. Inner peace comes from that state of calmness, tranquility of mind and serenity. 

Inner peace can be achieved through allowing ourselves the time to reflect, switch off from our daily lives and perhaps challenge ourselves in a way which allows our brains to re-set. External peace is influenced by inner peace. It is a peace that occurs in society, nations and the world when we live in harmony with each other. This can only happen if we are truly at peace with our inner selves. 
Interestingly the word ‘Goodwill’ was first recorded before 900 AD. It means having a friendly disposition, being benevolent and kind. 

The two words used together reflect the best in humanity, in all of us. In these difficult times ‘Peace and Goodwill’ should, not only be words used between people but they should permeate our every action. 
Where can you go in these difficult times to find and absorb these important feelings and attitudes? At Saxon CrossFit our very core and ethos revolves around enabling members to tap into their inner peace. The Coaches plan workouts deliberately designed to support your well-being, fitness and happiness and enable you to switch off from your busy life. Inner peace often follows from these sessions. That sense of calm and stillness.

The members at Saxon CrossFit have built such a strong community, focused upon supporting each other, being kind and benevolent, that it permeates every session. The Saxon ethos, at its very core, centres aound the development of inner calm and friendship to all.

So if you want to come to a place that revolves around ‘Peace and Goodwill’ come to Saxon CrossFit for a free taster session. We would love to welcome you.