Today we crowned our Saxon CrossFit Member of the Year and our Saxon CrossFit Coaches Member of the Year!! Voted for anonymously by the members and coaches of Saxon CrossFit the awards are designed to help us recognise an individual who is pure Saxon. Who makes their fitness a priority and a part of their life. Who is committed and hard working. Who is friendly, inclusive and a team player. Who is supportive, encouraging and motivational. Who is the best representative of what Saxon CrossFit is all about and what it stands for.

Today we crowned the same person with both of those awards, a fantastic testament to just how deserving this person is. Today we crowned Chris Booker our Member of the Year 2017!!!!!

Chris is the discrete hero of Saxon CrossFit. When he walked into the box over two years ago we would have bet good money that he wouldn’t still be there two years later. He was shy and introverted, didn’t enjoy the workouts and didn’t engage with the community. He turned up, trained then left.

Then one day a group of Saxons were chatting post class and rather than leave immediately Chris offered an opinion on the discussion. Boom 2 years later and we can’t shut him up! From that day forward Chris has been a part of pretty much everything that Saxon CrossFit has done or become. He’s travelled as far afield as Devon and Birmingham with the Saxons. He’s been out drinking until 4am (something Chris would never have done before) with the Saxons and earned his first hangover! He’s competed against and with his fellow Saxons, both In-House and externally and put in some epic performances. He’s learnt the subtle art of banter and has even cracked out several ‘Your mum’ jokes on Coach Tim. He’s gone from the person hiding in the back of the class to the person chucking conversation back and forth with everyone. He’s PB’d lifts, learned new skills, made a shit load of friends, earned a shit load of respect and made lots of us very proud.

It’s easy to think that the member of the year should be reserved for the fittest amongst us, for the person who has lost the most weight or achieved the highest sporting accolade. But in truth the member of the year has and always be the person who has made the most impact and has best represented the ideals of Saxon. For this there is no better example than Chris!

From what we have seen Chris become over his time with us we know he will go on to do awesome things in the next year. We genuinely can not wait to be part of Chris’ journey through 2018 and can only imagine how much farther he will have come this time next year.

We have not seen a repeat Member of the Year but if anyone can do it, we know it will be Chris.