Another month of 2020 has flown by and it’s time for us to name our next member of the month. Again we had a unanimous vote from the entire coaching team for the legend that is Paul Baines!

Paul is epic, simple. He works hard, brings joy to every class he’s in, gets involved in every aspect of Saxon and is an all round awesome dude.

Super consistent with his training throughout lockdown Paul came back to the outside classes with a serious work ethic and a clear determination to keep up his regime. He even programs himself some extra work to hit his weaknesses when he can.

He’s worked hard, been constant and most importantly has been positive, despite having some ongoing knee issues. He hasn’t let it get him down though and his desire to push on regardless of necessary scaling is awesome.

Paul has also lost a fuck tonne of weight and is looking super cool as of late so top work dude. Keep up the hard work

We asked Paul:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

So, it was the influence of the two most important people in my life.  Coach Els (my step daughter) who’s love for Crossfit introduced me to it & Caroline Baines (my wife) who joined before me: her encouragement & commitment helped me take those first tentative steps into the box. 
Maybe a little of credit also goes to all the Saxon members of the 2018 Christmas party who I met for the first time, OMG that was a night to remember! 

Whats the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

Wow, this is not an easy one to answer because there have been so many far reaching positive impacts a person gets from Saxon. 
I would say it’s ‘Strength’.  The strength to do something out of your comfort zone, the strength to commit day in day out to something that can change your life, the strength to give more of yourself, when you thought there was nothing more to give or finally the strength to realise that if I want to live longer then Crossfit does improve your mental & physical wellbeing.

Whats your favourite thing about Saxon CrossFit?

Another tough one because there are so many benefits.  
It has to be the coaches, they make it what it is.  They turn a strength and conditioning work out made up of functional movement Into something that can be individual or group enjoyed by building a community of people wanting to change their lives in various ways.  It’s ‘How’ they do it that makes Saxon CrossFit ‘different’ from the other training I have done in the past.

Whats your ideal workout?

A long sweaty EMOM that leaves you in a heap on the floor staring at your soul in the rubber matting!

Describe Saxon CrossFit in three words?

Community, Inspirational, supportive.

Tell us something about yourself the other members won’t know:

Ha Ha, I thought everyone reading this knew all there was to know about ‘Bad Influence Baines’ 😂 
I was once offered a seasonal job as a podium dancer in Es Paradis, Ibiza.  I obviously turned it down! That was a long, long time ago, and trust me, those moves only come out to play after a lot of Jack Daniels whiskey!