The Saxon coaching team are buzzing to announce our June Member of the Month as the legend that is Steve Walsh. Cool, calm and committed Steve is one of those members who brings that little extra to a class. He works hard, brings the banter and is always positive, no matter how horrible the workout on the board looks.

Relatively unsure of his ability when he joined Steve has flourished into a well rounded athlete, always keen to work on skills, bury himself in a metcon and grinding out those extra reps in strength work. All whilst smiling, chatting and generally being a nice dude.

Steve has also introduced his better half, Katie, to the Saxon family making our community that little bit more epic!

It obvious to the coaches that Steve is only just unlocking his potential and we can’t wait to see the progress he makes over the next 6 months – he’s sure to be putting up some big numbers and bringing some big laughs to the box!

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I was in need of a new challenge. Some friends recommended I try CrossFit, saw the taster session with Saxon and gave it a go. Loved it and not looked back since.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

Apart from improving my physical and mental wellbeing, Saxon has given me the opportunity to spend time with some really great people who inspire me to work harder and be better. This not only encourages me during a workout, but also has a positive impact on my personal and professional life.

What’s your favourite thing about Saxon?

Hate the word, but it’s got to be the banter. A tough workout is so much easier when you can smile and laugh whilst doing it. What’s your ideal workout? I love a bit of endurance. I’m not built for speed, so anything that’s 35-40 minutes of pain is all good with me.

Describe Saxon CrossFit in 3 words:

Inspiring, challenging and rewarding.

Tell us something about you that the other members won’t know?

A long, long time ago I played a bit of football. The highlight of my unsuccessful career was scoring the winning goal in an FA Cup tie. Only problem was it was an own goal and we were knocked out! Career well and truly over.