Just because we find ourselves back in lockdown doesn’t mean our members aren’t still crushing epic workouts, improving their fitness and being generally awesome. That’s why we want to continue with our Member of the Month awards.

This month the coaches all nominated Nicola Brooks as January MOTM!

Nicola is a Saxon OG having been a member since 2015! She has always been consistent, hard working and integral to the community vibe of the gym – but last month in particular Nicola has been on it.

In January she crushed 20 of our online workouts, performed solidly in them all and was always fun and chipper despite the current shitty situation with lockdown etc. Nicola is an absolute pleasure to have in classes combining just the right amount of banter and seriousness with her cheerful demeanour and attitude.

Nicola, with husband and fellow Saxon Darren, has also bought her three children into the CrossFit world and it has been awesome to see them all progress as a family, setting an example we could all use.

We can’t wait to see Nicola get back into the gym when she can and show us all how well she’s maintained her fitness throughout lock. Awesome work Nicola you legend.

We asked Nicola:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit? 

For a number of years I was a pole dance instructor. After hanging up my poles for good,  I needed something else to maintain my fitness,  I tried running clubs and leisure centre gyms, but didn’t enjoy them and found them too “clicky”.  We had some friends (Sophie and Martin Fallon) over for dinner and they talked about Saxon and were so enthusiastic about it, I signed up for a month trial there and then. I received a phone call within hours and next day I was booked in for my introductory session and never looked back. 

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

There are so many, but the biggest is the incredible friends its bought into my life and the confidence this has given me, along with my improved fitness and it’s also become a shared interest within my family. We often have meals together (in our matching Saxon hoodies) moaning about who’s doms are the worst or who’s got the best score or who’s wod was the worst. As a family it keeps us talking and spending time together.

What’s your favourite thing about Saxon?

Easy – its the people (management, coaches and members). I love the variation of the workouts, I love the quality of the coaching  I love the encouraging and supportive environment from coaches through to members. That smile from someone you don’t know, shouts of support from people when you feel like you can’t do another rep, that amazing feeling when you’ve completed a tough wod and the real sense of community spirit. Saxon is a team, we’re all in it together.

What’s your ideal workout?

Anything gymnastics and core based, especially in an EMOM (yes includes burpees, everyone loves a burpee don’t they).

Describe Saxon in three words?

Inspiring, supportive, fulfilling.

Tell us something about you that the other members don’t know? 

I spent years working as a magician’s assistant, was a DJ on Planet Rock radio and for those old enough to remember, I used to be a Radio Broadland black thunder girl.