February is traditionally a tough month for training. The new year, new me vibe has died off a little, the weather is generally pretty crappy and we’ve all settled back into a routine after the festive season. Motivation is hard to find. It’s easy to start falling back into old habits and to stop making time for our health and fitness

One person who hasn’t fallen into the February trap is our Member of the month, Natasha Mowser!

Tasha is an all round awesome member: fun and easy to coach, determined and hard working, social and supportive with the other members – what more could we look for. Tasha turns up, listens, puts the work with a smile and then enjoys the rest of her day (she’s a regular in our 9:30am session so gets her training done early).

She’s progressed loads since she joined us over a year ago and is fast racking up some serious weights, some ninja gymnastics and a great engine! Her progress show’s no sign of slowing in 2020.

We asked Natasha the following questions:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I had been mega slack at keeping fit for a long time, that combined with a kick up the backside from my heart surgeon, I decided to take a leap and join.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

Generally feeling fitter and stronger. CrossFit also encourages a bit of ‘me time’ and also keeps my sanity from being a full time mum.

What’s your favourite thing about Saxon?

I enjoy the variety of all of the classes, plus I am slightly competitive which makes me push myself more than I would at a gym. Not only that, it’s also lovely meeting new people.

What’s your ideal workout?

A long AMRAP, anything which doesn’t use upper body strength but includes squats and maybe running.

Describe Saxon CrossFit in 3 words.

Challenging, motivating, competitive

Tell us something about you that the other members won’t know?

I was encouraged by a work colleague to enter the london marathon with her, whilst pregnant! It was always on my bucket list and she had told me ‘it takes years to get a place’. I got accepted a few months later (whilst still expecting) and after a couple of months of limited training I managed to completed it. I guess it was a good and quick way to shift the baby weight!