We are particularly stoked to announce our November Member of the Month as Amy ‘mother-fucking’ G! (This has always been how I have referred to Amy but after reading her answers to the below questions it is so much more appropriate than I could have ever imagined!)

Amy has been a pretty epic member from day one. Keen as mustard, committed, hard working and naturally a talented athlete Amy quickly became a ‘CrossFitter’. Easy to coach and very eager to learn Amy quickly nailed the basic movements and has progressed to the more advanced elements of CrossFit. Nailing pull ups, bar muscle ups, handstand push ups, olympic lifting and the elusive handstand walk rapidly Amy has placed herself as one of the top performers in the box.

Amy demonstrated this recently when she took second at her first competition, the Rainhill Trials, last month. Amy absolutely killed each and every workout and only just missed out on the top spot of the podium.

This skill level combined with Amy’s hilarious laugh, top level of banter and the fact her son looks like a tiny Ed Sheeran make her an amazing member to have a part of our community.

Amy has barely scratched the surface of her athletic or banter potential and we look forward to seeing her atop many podiums next year!

We asked Amy:

What bought you to Saxon CrossFit?

I left the Royal Air Force and wanted to find a new community having been in such a tight knit environment, so I contacted Jess and hounded her to let me crack through my foundation sessions ASAP so I could get involved and start training since my home gym wasn’t up and running and I was losing the will to live .. but I mean like daily messages.. begging to get me in sooner.. telling her how much I love the gym.. and training .. Jess has since informed me that she thought I was a psycho due to the amount I contacted her.. nevertheless we’ve moved past that and saxon has blown all of my expectations out of the water, and I couldn’t ask for a better community.

What’s the biggest change Saxon CrossFit has had on your life?

I’ve made awesome friends at saxon and achieved things that were beyond even my own expectations with the help of the saxon coaches and the saxon community. It’s the only place I’ve ever found people to be so unbelievably supportive of your achievements, and has restored my faith in mankind (seems a bit deep, but true).

What’s your favourite thing about being a member at Saxon CrossFit?

Number 1 on my list is shit chat, especially during barbell sessions. Also.. Hanging out with my pals and being pushed to my limits. But mainly shit chat. Like proper pointless, but good for the soul, chat.

In a workout you want to see…..?

Anything gymnastics. Handstand walks all day!

What movement do you shed a little tear at during a WOD?

Thrusters… man makers.. snatch.. dumbbell ground to over head… kettlebell snatch (total vom), shoulder to overhead.. anything single arm.. wall balls.. jumping pull ups.. burpee box jumps.. 800 m run.. long ass rows.. Anything else I fucking LOVE.

How would you describe Saxon CrossFit in 3 words?

Totally fucking epic.

Tell us one thing about yourself the other members wont know?

On my wedding night I got really fucking smashed and told my mother in law I wanted to fuck her. Total joke, I thought it was hilarious , but she’s still a bit weary.