So on Saturday we had our annual Christmas party, it was a great night. We love seeing so many of you come together and celebrate being part of Saxon with us. As I mentioned in my speech on the night we can’t thank you guys enough for making Saxon CrossFit what it is!

As part of our Christmas party we always hand out our member awards! We have six different awards: 5 are voted for by the coaching team and the coveted member of the year award is voted for by the membership of Saxon. This year our awards went to:

Most Improved Member: Caroline Baines

Caroline has crushed it this year. She has grown week on week as an athlete pushing herself across everything we do at Saxon. She has got involved in our Beserker and accessory classes, has taken on some individual coaching sessions and worked hard to improve her CrossFit game. All of this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Caroline was an easy choice when it came to our most improved member, well done dude, we’re very proud of you!

Most Committed To Training: Aaron Bleach

If you’ve ever met Aaron you’ll know this was an easy choice. Aaron is an absolute dude when it comes to getting his training in and nothing highlighted this more than when I turned up to the box on Saturday morning at 7am and he was cracking out burpees for our charity challenge in the car park. He’s an absolute savage during workouts but is also one of the nicest and most community driven people I’ve ever met. Top work dude, keep it up!

Most Committed To Community: Sharon Johnson

Now we don’t just do fitness, a large part of Saxon is our strength as a community and no one has helped or represented that community more than Sharon. Whether it’s letting us use her home for events, supporting at our In-House and external competitions, acting as Saxon mum to some of our athletes when they compete, being continuously generous with her time, knowledge and expertise and just generally giving more to Saxon than we could hope for. The best thing about Saxon is it’s community and Sharon has been a key part of building it all. Thank you!

Most Fun To Coach: Lauren Mackenzie

Now we love having all of you in classes. I have the probably very unique position of genuinely enjoying the company of everyone I work with. It’s awesome. But as with every situation in life there are some people who are just more fun, who make the mundane interesting and can turn the down days into ups. Lauren is just that. Continuously funny, as good at giving banter as taking it, upbeat no matter the workout and great at creating a nice atmosphere to train in. Keeping being you dude.

Best Facial Expressions: Grace Hodge

Now people make silly faces when they train. The first thing we loose control of when we lift heavy or work hard is our facial expressions. We gurn, we poke our tongues out, we scrunch everything up, we close our eyes or we just pull ridiculous face. But some people have particular good ones and our current best face belongs to Grace! Whether it’s lifting, burpeeing or even just listening to the workout of the day being read by the coach Grace is sure to have an outstanding expression on her grid. Grace be ready for everyone to be eyeballing you for a few to check out those faces!!!

Member Of The Year: Frances Peters

The big one! Our most prestigious award! Voted for by the members, member of the year is a huge deal to me as head coach and founder of Saxon. Knowing that one person has stood out as being particular epic among a sea of epic people is awesome and I love reading all the wonderful and thoughtful things people write on their voting slips.

Frances was a clear choice for Member of the Year this year. She crushes it, daily, and is an outstanding athlete. She has represented Saxon in many competitions and always competed with a great attitude, determined effort and immense skill. She is always at our In-house events and a regular supporter at anything external too.

She is an inspiration to many of our members but also our coaches having shown grit, determination and mental strength that most of us can only aspire too. She has defied boundaries and shown us all as community what is possible when we refuse to go easily.

She is caring, considerate, happy to help and advise, generous and supportive. She is everything we think makes a person amazing. She has shown us over the last few months how to take life for what it is and own it. Well done Frances but more importantly thank you.

The rest of us:

Please remember Saxons, you are all fucking superstars as far as I am concerned. I have been coaching you all at Saxon for over 6 years now and I still love every minute of being at the box. Keep on being awesome, keep on being Saxon as fuck.