Have you found that CrossFit has pushed you towards substance abuse? Do you find yourself searching for a little white powder before you even start working up a sweat? Is one hit of the good stuff not enough to get you through a set of pull ups? I am of course talking about chalk!

That bucket of glorious white powered goodness that is rumoured to make you stronger, improve your kipping technique and guaranteed to keep you on that kettle-bell unbroken, has taken over your life in the box.

Here’s some tips to help you kick the habit and ensure you use chalk recreationally as opposed to becoming a full-blown addict!

Use it sparingly – when using chalk you need to apply a light coating to the areas of your hand that experience the most friction. There is no need to chalk you individual fingers, your forearms, every square inch of your palm or any other part of your body!

Don’t use it as a rest – we’re on to you! The casual walk over to the chalk bucket mid-wod to apply some chalk is usually just a rest in disguise. If you find yourself planning chalk applications into your strategy – you are actually planning to rest – forget it!

Chalk doesn’t dry your hands – chalk will absorb some of the moisture on your hands but if you are one sweaty mother fucker chalk is not the answer. Bring a towel and dry your hands between reps / sets. This will be much more effective and will save you from unnecessary tears caused by excessive chalk.

Keep it in the bucket – if you really want to make the coaching team die a little inside pick up a handful of chalk and stroll around the gym slapping your hands together like a gracious loser at the Oscars. There is honestly nothing that pleases us more than seeing the entire gym floor covered in chalk – it’s basically why we opened.

It does make you tear – excessive chalking is the number one cause of hand tears. Too much chalk will lead to excessive friction – which is never good. If sore hands and a bloodied palm picture for your social media is what you’re after keep up the chalking!

Chalk is great. It can help absorb moisture, make you feel more confident in your grip on the bar and it definitely makes you look like you know what you’re doing. But use it to excess, become an addict, and it will take over your workouts and leave the signs of abuse for all to see!