At the end of the month we have our next In-House event Guys vs Girls. We will be pitching a team of male Saxon athletes up against a team of female Saxon athletes to win bragging rights for the next 12 months. But how does it all work? Here’s the skinny from Coach Tim.

One team of dudes, one team of ladies, a whole host of workouts and movements.

The competition will be split up into about 10 workouts with each team selecting the athletes they think will be best for the job to tackle it. Not every athlete will have to take on every workout but the workload will be divided up equally over the day. This will allow the teams to field their best weightlifters in the heavy WODs, their ninjas in the gymnastics based WOD’s and their runners in the long slog WOD! Everyone will get a fair share of the action though, don’t worry about being left out!

The workouts will be programmed in a manner that makes the playing field level. Examples of this could include:

Pull ups for the ladies, chest to bar for the men. 45kg STOH for the ladies, 70kg STOH for the men. 600m sprints for the gals and 800m for the gents – you get the picture.

The workouts will cover all manner of fitness activities including a few movements we don’t utilise in classes – this is going to be fun! We have running, rowing, weightlifting, KB’s, D-Balls, wall balls, box jumps, thrusters and everyone fave, burpees!

The workouts are suitable for any level of athlete provided they can complete the following with sound mechanics and pain free:

Squat, run, press overhead, hang from a bar and burpee.

After all the WOD’s are done and the victor is declared we’ll have some beers, some BBQ and some banter before the more hardy of us head into the city for a night out!

Obviously there is a lot at stake in this competition – the victorious sex will be able to chat shit for the next 12 months – but this is all fun. If you’re after a serious dose of competitive fitness you should probably steer clear! We also want to encourage you all to wear fancy dress! It’s basically Halloween so it would be rude not to get in the spirit of the holiday and dress up. Anyone with thoughts on a decent them let us know!

There’s still a couple of spots available for both ladies and gents so get booked in. Any questions let us know, we are buzzing for this!