Frances Peters; My CrossFit Journey – Saxon CrossFit Chronicles

In the autumn of 2017 I came along to Saxon Crossfit to watch a class and ask about giving it a try – I wanted to add some variety to my fitness routine which any the time involved a bit of cycling, running and some generic leisure centre classes. I was hooked when I saw everyone dragging tyres around the car park and throwing the heavy d-balls around – women and men side by side all doing the same.

I spent the first few months at Saxon doing 3 crossfit classes a week, learning all the foundations, making friends and learning what Crossfit was about. I admired all the strong, fit and fearless ladies who I trained beside. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you commit to turning up, listen to the coaches and do the workout that’s written on the board. No mirrors, no judgement, only support and measurable progress. I never looked back. You don’t need to the fit to start Crossfit, but you definitely will get fitter by doing Crossfit!

I followed the class workouts, worked hard, and started to see the necessity to fuel myself to properly. My relationship with food totally changed, no longer working out to ‘burn calories’ to get skinny but eating to workout and get strong. No more looking at the scales to see what I weighed. The only kilos that matters are the ones you lift.

I competed in team competitions and fun events with my Crossfit friends and entered the Crossfit Open in 2019 – finishing in the top 9% worldwide in my age group.

Following an accident in 2019 I shattered my wrist and had subluxation of my hand. I adapted all my training at Saxon around my injury. Consistency and habit carried my through the days when I was not motivated. The Saxon family totally kept me going during those hard times. I was allowed to start to use my hand again 9months later and I returned to work just as we entered the Pandemic.

Saxon Crossfit was a lifeline during the Pandemic and often the best hour of my day was logging into class on the video link and training in my garden. On the other side of the Pandemic my full Crossfit training commenced back in the box, with more focus on skills and strength, building a routine around my full time shift work and my life. Every year the Crossfit Open comes around to remind you of what progress you’ve made and what areas you need to improve in…. In 2022 I finished top 6% worldwide in the Open, and qualified for the Age Group Quarterfinals finishing 436th worldwide. This year with some more skills and a little more fitness I finished top 3% worldwide in the Open and finishing 253rd worldwide in the Age Group Quarterfinal, 12th in the UK.

Working around injury, work, and life I hope to keep progressing. My Crossfit journey is just getting started with the long term goal to to be strong, healthy and functional into later life.